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  1. My mother, a very wise woman made my sister and me sit down and inventory her whole place. This was several years before my mother died. We were to write down everything in the house and decide which one should have what. Anyway, we talked over and traded pieces with each other until everything was taken. Mostly things given by us went back to the giver and items we couldn’t decide on, our mother decided. We all had a copy. She kept everything to enjoy knowing we would have what we had picked after she was gone…a very wise move.
    This idea should be put in your sequel…don’t you think ?
    I enjoyed your book. I have no children and few close relatives to leave stuff so I will leave to my friends. At the moment I am building an enclosed swimming pool to share with my water aerobic friends, There are about 30 of us . Most are old like me (84) and need this type of exercise to stay fit. I need to figure out how they can continue after I am gone.
    Thanks …Bobbie Recio

  2. Dear Bobbie,
    Thank you for reaching out on the topic of my book.
    Your mother’s approach to the inevitable is a shining example of being Good to Go! I plan to share about it in my talks about preplanning for the big bye-bye.
    You are inspirational as well. How fortunate to be your friend in the here and the hereafter!
    All the best, now and then. 🙂

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